We have all heard of credit cards from big banks, but have you ever given any thought to ones from a credit union? Although a bank-issued credit card does not require a membership or affiliation, a credit card through a credit union offers many valuable benefits that are often overlooked. Some of these advantages include lower fees and interest rates, member rewards, and flexible options. If you live in Woodlyn or the surrounding area and are interested in learning more about credit union credit cards, then you’re in the right place! BHCU is your local credit union in Delaware County that offers a credit card with major perks. Let’s take a closer look at what this particular credit card has to offer.

BHCU Credit Card

At BHCU, we have created a credit card that is designed to help you spend and save smarter. Our credit card comes with a low fee and low-interest rate that has a high yield. You can enjoy zero annual fees, no balance transfer fees, and a low rate of 7.74 percent APR. Plus, one percent iSAVE Cash will be deposited into your iSAVE Savings account once a month. Here are some of the requirements and benefits of a BHCU iSAVE credit card:

  • Requires an iSAVE Savings account
  • Maximum cash advance of $300
  • Credit lines from $300 – $35,000
  • A minimum credit score of 650

The Process

To qualify for a credit card at BHCU, you must create an iSAVE Savings account. Not only does your account grant you access to opening a credit card with BHCU, but it also supports your long-term savings goals and leads you on the path to becoming financially independent. Whether it’s a vacation or retirement, your high-yielding iSAVE Savings account will help you achieve your dreams. Once you go through the simple process of creating your iSAVE Savings account, you can start reaping the benefits of opening a BHCU iSAVE credit card. 

Giving Back

One of the many advantages of owning a credit card with a credit union is that you receive profits by simply being a member. BHCU is proud to have given $1,819,232.69 back to our members since we have been a practicing credit union. Unlike a for-profit bank, we also offer our personal, expert advice that is only meant to benefit you. Our goal is to improve the standard of living for members of our Delaware County community and help them achieve all of their financial goals. 

Apply For Your BHCU Credit Card Today!

Based on a multitude of advantages, it is safe to say that you should never overlook a credit card through a credit union. When you open a credit card with BHCU, you can enjoy all of the usual benefits that come with a credit union credit card, plus a great deal more! Are you interested in applying for this great offer? Contact us today with questions or help applying for your BHCU credit card.

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