BHCU Ensures Back to Schoolyard Fun in Eddystone

BHCU, Your Delaware County Credit Union, founded the Kids’ Foundation with a simple mission – to strengthen the Delaware County community by providing programs and support for our most at-risk youth. This commitment includes service projects, and for the 2nd Annual Community Day, a team from BHCU took it to the schoolyard – Eddystone Elementary School Yard!

Eddystone Elementary School has approximately 224 students enrolled in the K-5 programs, and 83% of these students come from economically disadvantaged households, as measured by the state and federal governments. When the BHCU leadership team asked the Principal what they could do to help, he said that the playground was in desperate need of repair.   

Mr. Ralph Orr, Mayor of Eddystone was on hand to supervise the project. He shared that this playground is the hub of the neighborhood. Every student at Eddystone Elementary walks to school, so they will be able to use the refreshed park and repaired structures outside of school hours.  In fact, on Tuesday, August 16th, the community is having an ice cream social in the park to prepare for back-to-school,

Dr. Danette Glassy, MD FAAP, and Dr. Pooja Tandon, MD FAAP, reporting for, say that incorporating structured and unstructured playtime outdoors provides more than a fun break for children. It also contributes to their physical and mental health and development, especially during this post-pandemic transition. The documented benefits for children with outdoor playtime include: more confidence, higher levels of creativity, reduced stress, and more balanced mental health, as well as becoming physically healthier.     

In several (sweaty) hours, the BHCU team was able to edge and install over 30 yards of mulch; repair and paint fencing around the schoolyard; repair and paint park benches; clean, repair, and paint play structures; and clean and repair the basketball court and equipment. The hard work ensures that the community of Eddystone Elementary has a safe and beautiful park for outdoor adventures.