There is Always a Better Way

Even if you fear it, change is constant.  BHCU is constantly changing and growing – new people, new members, new products and promotions, always something. 

So, you have 2 choices – you can sit and watch the transformation of our business without you (and you will surely be left behind), or you can be an active participant.  Many people believe change is bad or scary.  They fear the unknown.  Others understand that change creates opportunities.  Not much is guaranteed in life other than change.  Paradoxically, you could say change is constant.  The result is you either manage it or it manages you. 

As we prepare for our 2023 journey, we must recognize that innovation is key and that successful, innovative businesses are courageous enough to discard old strategies and adopt new ones.  Innovation can be a real challenge but you won’t survive today’s world without it.  Ideas are everywhere.  We need not look any further than our immediate stakeholders – our employees and our members. 

Soon we’ll share some of the high level strategic plans for 2023 and beyond.  While doing so we’ll continue to gather more intel from our members as to what they expect from us.  We’ll also need your help.  For instance, don’t assume existing policies and procedures are written in stone.  The only unmovable object is our mission and the values that guides us along the way.  Otherwise, challenge the status quo. 

Find the path to “yes” for the member.  Be different.  Our competition has bigger hammers but we have sharper nails.


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