Cheryl Altieri happy retirement

As we near the summer months, it is a bittersweet time for BHCU as our EVP, Cheryl Alteri, is approaching retirement in May 2022. The thought of life at BHCU without Cheryl will certainly bring tears to many as she has brought passion, energy, and commitment to the credit union, day in and day out. Those that know Cheryl will attest that she has been a bright spot for members and co-workers of BHCU for a long time. Cheryl will be sorely missed but we all take great joy in knowing that the legacy she is leaving behind will forever be engrained in the fabric of BHCU. Please join us in thanking Cheryl for 25 years of dedication to building a better BHCU and best wishes for a healthy and happy retirement.

Career Highlights:

  • 1996 – Began her BHCU career as a Teller
    • $65 million in assets
    • Savings and Loan products only
    • No checking accounts
    • No cash transactions
    • Exclusive to Boeing
  • 1997 – Involved with the development and offering of checking accounts to members
  • 1998 – Directly engaged with issuing debit and ATM cards to members
  • 2001 – Promoted to Operations Manager
  • 2006 – Promoted to Executive Vice President
  • 2009 – Introduced online banking to members
  • 2012 – BHCU charter becomes multi-SEG
  • 2015 – BHCU charter becomes community based, exclusive to Delaware County
    BHCU opens a second office in Glen Mills
  • 2019 – Board member of the BHCU Kids Foundation
  • 2022 – $220 million in assets
  • 2022 – BHCU opening a third branch in Havertown