As a BHCU member, you have access to one-on-one counseling with a Clarifi financial counselor in person at one of 20 local offices, or by phone. Clarifi can help with budgeting, building credit, reducing debt, purchasing your first home, saving and more.

Check out Clarifi’s animated videos. They’re easy-to-digest and provide quick financial tips.

Budget But How?

You can start to budget! You don’t have to track every single dollar you spend but you do need to be thoughtful of how much you spend to stay on track to save and pay your bills.

Loan Basics

Learn the necessary terms associated with a loan and how it works.

Can I Afford this Loan?

Take a dive into a loan and ALL the costs associated with it.

The Benefits of Prepaying your Loan

Take a look at some examples on how to prepay your loan

Clarifi is here to help you meet your financial goals!

Clarifi is our financial partner ready to work with you to stay on track for a lifetime of healthy financial habits. A local non-profit credit and housing agency, Clarifi has been working with local residents for over 51 years in the Greater Philadelphia area.

Clarifi is your trusted resource. 

You may have questions or concerns about your credit score, your mortgage, the best way to pay off your credit card debt, buying a home, saving for your future or figuring out why your money runs out before the end of the month. Clarifi is a resource you can trust with your financial future.

Fortunately for us, Clarifi is based right in our backyard with 20 offices and over 30 counselors in the Greater Philadelphia Metro Area. As a BHCU member, you’ll have access to Clarifi’s one-on-one counseling, ongoing phone support and onsite educational workshops. Many of their sessions are offered at no cost. There are also a number of specialized counseling sessions available for a modest fee.

Clarifi’s Certified Counselors are ready to listen and offer guidance.

Clarifi Counseling Services

Budget and Money Management Counseling
Member Cost: No Charge
We review your income and expenses, and current debt obligations.  Together, you and your counselor will create a plan of action to help you avoid or reduce debt

Here’s what to expect at your counseling session:

  • We’ll review your expenses and discuss spending recommendations
  • Determine if your income covers essential monthly expenses
  • Review your assets and liabilities
  • Obtain your debt account statements
  • Review options based on your individual financial circumstances
  • Create an appropriate Action Plan to help you reduce and pay off your debt
Debt Options Counseling
Member Cost:
Debt Options Initial Consultation Fee: No charge
Debt Management Program Initial Enrollment Fee: $50
Debt Management Program Monthly Maintenance: $10/creditor, up to $50

Your Clarifi Counselor knows how to get you out of debt whether it’s from credit cards or student loans. Let’s start paying down that debt so you can start paying yourself.

Here’s what to expect at your counseling session:

  • Verify your sources of income
  • Review your monthly expenses, like rent or mortgage, utilities and car or other loan payments
  • Detail your daily spending habits, right down to your morning cup of coffee
  • Review all of your credit card balances and terms
  • Determine if your income covers at least your essential monthly expenses and at least some of your debt payments

If you are eligible, you have the option to enroll into our debt management plan and make affordable monthly payments to creditors via Clarifi.

Pre-Filing Bankruptcy Counseling
Member Cost: $50
Clarifi is approved by the Department of Justice to issue certificates evidencing completion of pre-filing counseling in compliance with the Federal Bankruptcy Code. Completing this session will produce the required legal certificate required to file a petition for bankruptcy

Here’s what to expect at your counseling session:

  • We’ll review your income and expenses in full detail
  • Together, we’ll discuss options and consequences for bankruptcy
Clarifi College
Member Cost: $175
Through financial aid advising and financial strategizing, we guide students and families through the college planning process so that they make informed decisions that result in a reduced need for student loans.

Here’s what to expect at your counseling session:

  • Review college selections, net costs, estimated financial aid
  • Review options to pay balance after financial aid
  • Discuss and review post college debt for student and family
Student Loan Counseling
Member Cost:  $50-$100 (income based scale)
There are a variety of repayment options that many folks don’t know about. These include federal repayment options that can make your monthly payment more manageable. We’ve navigated these options with thousands of borrowers and we’re ready to explore solutions with you.
Here’s what to expect at your counseling session:

  • Go over every aspect of your situation. We’ll see what federal options you might qualify for.
  • Make a long-term budget, and find a structure that covers all monthly expenses, including repayment of all federal and/or private student loans.
  • Attempt to contact private lenders and advocate for your possible repayment solutions.
Retirement Planning Coaching
Member Cost: $80
Investing and planning for retirement may seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Whether you’re navigating Social Security, or need a check up on your 401k, our certified Chartered Retirement Planning Counselors can help you create a path to retirement with both short-term needs and long-term goals in mind.
Here’s what to expect at your counseling session:

  • Prepare your Income Statement and Balance Sheet
  • Talk through your personal retirement aspirations and goals
  • Maximize your retirement investments
  • Review emergency funds, savings, IRA, life insurance, 401K etc.
  • If there’s a gap in your savings, we’ll talk about investment options can help you catch up

Improve Your Credit

Credit Report Counseling
Member Cost: No Charge

Here’s what to expect at your counseling session:


  • Review your credit reports and scores from the three major credit reporting agencies (Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion)
  • Discuss each component of your reports to be sure all information is accurate and understandable
  • Provide instruction on how to resolve any problems with your reports
  • Develop an Action Plan to either improve your creditworthiness, or continue maintaining your good credit to help you achieve your financial goals

Manage Your Home

Pre-Purchase Housing Counseling
Health Insurance Options
Member Cost: Pennsylvania:  No Charge; NJ and DE:  $125

Before you get the keys to your new home, let’s make sure you are ready and there are no surprises. We want you to understand every penny you’ll commit to your loan, taxes, insurance, maintenance and other monthly expenses.
Here’s what to expect at your counseling session:

  • Complete a budget and credit analysis to determine your affordability to borrow
  • Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of homeownership and if you are ready
  • Review the cost involved and the available cash needed for down payment and closing costs
  • Review the types of mortgages available, including financial assistance and grants through First Time Homebuyer programs
  • Members receive a certificate that can be used to fulfill requirements of a number of area credit enhancement and down payment assistance programs.
Foreclosure Prevention and Mortgage Default Counseling
Member Cost: No Charge
We work with you to identify all options available so you can become current on your mortgage and stay in your home.  We’ll start with a current budget analysis and establish a realistic household budget. We review loan modifications, repayment plans, forbearance and other workout solutions.

Here’s what to expect at your counseling session:

  • Determine your objectives and the time frame available to accomplish them
  • Complete a current budget analysis and work with you to establish a realistic budget
  • Help bring your mortgage current if only budget concessions are necessary
  • Determine the reason for your default
  • Work with your mortgage servicer to help obtain a loan modification, repayment plan, forbearance or other workout solution
  • Develop workout proposals to prevent foreclosure under state specific programs where you may be eligible
  • Discuss your options and what is best for you and create your detailed Action Plan
Pre-Rental Counseling
Member Cost: No Charge

Because home ownership isn’t right (or even possible) for everyone, we’re ready to help you rent happily ever after. It starts with rental smarts, understanding your goals, building a budget, knowing what’s really affordable and living securely without fear of eviction.

Here’s what to expect at your counseling session:

  • We’ll look at your budget, check your credit and talk about where you live now.
  • If you’re behind on your rent now, we’ll get you back on track with a real budget plan.
Reverse Mortgage Counseling
Member Cost: $100
You’ve been good to your home for all these years. And now it can be good to you, as a potential source of income with a reverse mortgage. To make sure you understand this potential solution, lenders require a session with a HUD-certified counselor.  A reverse mortgage is only available to seniors 62 and older.

Here’s what to expect at your counseling session:

  • One-on-one counseling about your reverse mortgage from the inside out
  • How it’ll work, what it costs, how you might benefit, all the risks, and whether it really makes sense for you
  • What are all the options? We’ll lay them out and ponder carefully
  • We’ll compare plans, create the best budget and give you all the tools with which to decide


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