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The fastest, safest way to switch direct deposits and automatic payments to your new or existing account at BHCU.

Finally, there’s a simple process that does the work for you! Move recurring payments, as well as direct deposits, to your BHCU account easily with ClickSWITCH. With just one click and as little as ten minutes, switch all of your direct deposits and automatic payments to your new or existing account at BHCU. This eliminates complicated switch kits and the hassle of having to contact each business or payee. Our process is simple and ensures that you don’t miss a payment during your account transition. ClickSWITCH is automated, convenient and hassle-free.

Follow These Simple Steps

    1. Login to your free online solution

      To get started, call us at 610-595-2929 or stop in to any branch today to receive your activation code. Login at (Portal) and enter the SwitchTRACK code provided by us. With a few simple clicks, you’ll activate your secure online solution.
    1. Switch your direct deposits and automatic payments

      Select which direct deposits and automatic payments you’d like to switch and begin transferring your account information. Click on your desired tab and follow the simple instructions to create and submit your account switches..
    1. Get notifications as it works for you

      ClickSWITCH does the work for you and provides real-time updates and notifications once completed.

Additional ClickSWITCH Capabilities

    • SwitchTRACK CodeUse for login, tracking switch activity and completing switch processes.
    • Switch AssistLog into your old financial institution to access your existing account, see recurring payments and easily switch those accounts over to your new or existing account.
    • Easy SetupAll your account’s data will automatically populate into the ClickSWITCH portal. With the simple click of your mouse, ClickSWITCH takes care of the rest, sending completed account switch forms and a copy of a voided check directly to billers.
    • Switch StatusEasily track payments you want to transition to a new account.
    • Switch SummaryIn the ClickSWITCH portal, easily view a listing of all switches currently in progress with comprehensive details. Switch Summary also lets you know if additional action is needed and confirms when a switch has been successful.
    • Account ClosureEasily initiate closure for previous external accounts once the switch process is complete.

Why use ClickSWITCH?

    • Change financial institutions without the hassle
    • Securely switch direct deposits and automatic payments in as little as 10 minutes
    • Just a few clicks will save hours of time
    • No need to track down payments or fill out paperwork
    • Track switches and receive real-time switch notification
    • Initiate the closure of your previous account


What is the turnaround time for Social Security direct deposits to be moved over to Commerce National Bank with ClickSWITCH?
It typically takes anywhere from 2 weeks to 30 days. The amount of time varies and this is part of the process that ClickSWITCH cannot control.
What takes longer with ClickSWITCH, moving direct deposits or moving recurring bills?
It typically takes longer for direct deposits to be moved over to the new financial institution due to pay period cycles.
Can I switch my beneficiaries with ClickSWITCH as well?

No. ClickSWITCH is set up to help you switch your automatic payments and direct deposits. If you choose to designate beneficiaries for any new accounts, you will need to do this directly with your financial institution.

How long is my ClickSWITCH track code valid?
The code is valid for 90 days. If you do not use the service within 90 days, a new code would need to be generated.
What is the time frame for my ClickSWITCH switches to take place?
The cutoff time is 3:00pm (CST) Monday through Friday. Any switches submitted after 3:00pm (CST) Monday through Friday will be completed the following business day. Once the biller or depositor receives the information, the timeframe depends on their process. It can take up to 60 days.
Can I get my ClickSWITCH password reset?

If you have forgotten your password, please contact a BHCU representative.

What should I do if my employer is not listed in the ClickSWITCH direct deposit database?
You will be asked for additional information to complete the switch. You should add as much information as you can and submit it to ClickSWITCH. ClickSWITCH will do the research and get the switch started. Alternatively, you can print the form and take it to your employer.
Is there any confirmation from companies that have received the ClickSWITCH request to change direct deposit or bills?
Some companies will provide this information, however some do not. ClickSWITCH does provide companies with the option to keep you updated on the progress.
If I forget my ClickSWITCH track code, why do I need a new one?
If your original code was never activated, and no password was set up, you can use the original code. However, if your code was activated and a password was setup, and you no longer remember the password, a new code must be generated.
Are there password requirements for ClickSWITCH?
Yes, if you hover over the password field, the requirements will be shown.
Will I receive notification that the biller received my ClickSWITCH information so that a payment is not made twice?

No, you will need to check ClickSWITCH to see if it has been completed. You should watch your accounts until payments and direct deposits are moved over to BHCU.

If anything I am changing with ClickSWITCH is rejected, how will I know?

You will be notified via email. For assistance, please contact BHCU.

Why does ClickSWITCH give two weeks before previous accounts can be scheduled to be closed?
This allows time for recurring payments and/or direct deposits to be processed and for switches to be completed.


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