BHCU Business Partner Request Letter


Mr. Phil Travaglini, CEO                                                                                                                                                                    Date_____________
Boeing Helicopters Credit Union
501 Industrial Highway
Ridley Park, Pa. 19078

Dear Mr. Travaglini

The undersigned company seeks to become an affiliated select employee group of Boeing Helicopters Credit Union (BHCU).__________________________________________ has been in business for over ______ years. __________________________________________ offers the following services____________________________________________________________________________________. We are located at _______________________________________________________________ and are approximately ______ miles from your location. At the current time, we have a staff of _____full-time employees and _____part-time employees. Our company has neither the resources nor financial industry experience to undertake the formation of a credit union on its own.  We would be proud; however, to promote Credit Union membership to our employees. We would like to offer this benefit to our employees and would hope that you would take the time to consider our company. It is understood that this request must be approved by both your board of directors and the Pennsylvania Department of Banking. Upon approval from both entities, we agree to the following:

  • To supply names and addresses of employees
  • To offer Direct Deposit (via payroll deduction) for those employees that requests it.
  • To assign a representative(s) to familiarize new employees with BHCU and act as a point of contact.
  • To allow BHCU to have presentations, seminars and enrollment sessions for our employees/members.
  • To allow payroll inserts, flyers and other marketing materials for the purpose of updating employees on credit union services.


X__________________________________________________ Date______________________

Name and title of authorized signer:_________________________________________________

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