Is a Credit Union Right For You?

BHCU Is a Credit Union Right For You?

When choosing a financial institution to deposit or borrow money, you want to know you can trust the institution and the people in the organization. But if you’re currently with a big bank earning minimal dividends, paying high interest loan rates, being charged excessive fees, getting denied for loans or not getting approved for credit cards, it may feel like you’re not getting what you need. With a credit union, they are focused on what’s best for their members, not fattening the pockets of stock holders—so much so that any profit they make goes back to their members, therefore improving your standard of living and helping you become financially independent. Not sure a credit union is for you? The experts at BHCU have three reasons why you should become a member of a  credit union, like BHCU, today:

Small and Intimate vs. Large and Impersonal

Your finances are your everything—they pay your bills, get you approved for a home, help with getting loans and much more—so you should feel like you’re treated with the best of everything, from services to savings to rates. Unlike with large banks, where you’re treated like one of many in most cases, because credit unions are usually local organizations, you’re treated with the best customer service, loans and checking account offers—think: personalized service, better terms and lower costs.

Exclusive Eligibility and Low Rates

Although the application process is more selective at a credit union, their main goal is to always serve their members. What does this mean for you? It means that they will work with you and do their best to help you get approval for your loans and other financial services. Also, because of their business structure, credit unions can offer lower rates to their members compared to most commercial banks. They are nonprofit corporations, meaning that they are exempt from state and local taxes and can reinvest all funds back into member programs and incentives.

Member-Focused Customer Service

If you’ve ever turned to a bank teller for help during a stressful financial situation and felt dismissed, or you’ve wasted hours on the phone with unhelpful bank representatives—or automated machines—then you know how frustrating these experiences can be. Credit unions are known for their exceptional member service: they’re fair to everyone, invested in each and every one of their members and are completely transparent, so you’ll feel like you’re their #1 priority because, well, you are.

Whether you’re looking to open a savings account, apply for a business loan or get approved for a personal loan, don’t get taken advantage of by banks in Delaware County, PA—visit BHCU instead! As a credit union in Delaware County, PA, BHCU won’t just provide you with the financial services you need, but they’ll also help benefit your financial situation for years to come. In fact, since 2009, BHCU has given back over $1.65 million dollars back to members as a reward for member loyalty. Contact us to apply for membership today!