Borrowing can be intimidating. It’s a long-term commitment to paying back a large sum of money. But loans also help you to achieve your dreams, whether it’s going to school, buying a home or purchasing an automobile. BHCU has been in the loan business for over 60 years. We know what we’re doing. And most importantly, we know how to match you with the loan product that best suits your needs.

We make applying easy. You can do it online, call us at 610-595-2929 extensions 308 & 309, or stop by our branch to speak with a representative.  Questions? Email us at [email protected] and one of our lending representatives will promptly respond to your inquiry.  Whatever your preference, we’re here and ready to help!
*Please Note- Our credit union has a tiered loan rate policy which applies different loan rates, terms, and maximum limits to borrowers based upon the borrowers’ credit history. Advertised rates apply to borrowers in Tier 1. The loan rate applicable to you may vary from our rates as quoted. All rates are expressed as ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATES (APR) and include a 1.00% reduction for automatic transfers from a BHCU Share or Share Draft account, with the exception of our PLOC, HELOC, Credit Card and Share Secured Loan. Rates, terms and limits are subject to change without notice.

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