uSAVE, weSAVE, We All Scream for iSAVE: Here’s How to Become a Saver With iSAVE


Saving money—most of us know we should do it, but not everyone knows the best way to do it. Whether you are looking to save for retirement, a vacation home or education, the iSAVE program at BHCU in Delaware County, PA will help you achieve your savings goals. Here’s a breakdown of what a SAVER is and how to open an iSAVE account so you can become one too:

A Savings Account Designed for Your Savings Goals

You may already know that when you want to save money, you need to open a savings account, but not all savings accounts are created equal. With our iSAVE Savings program, you don’t just get a savings account—you get a high-yield savings account that is driven by a “pay yourself first” belief. This means that the benefits that you get from an iSAVE Savings account, such as a high-interest rate, no fees and no fixed terms, will help you reach your saving goals. Not to mention when you pair your iSAVE Savings account with an active iSAVE Checking account, your iSAVE Savings account receives an extra bonus!

What It Means to Be a SAVER

We live in a world where spending money is way too easy, so saving is that much more difficult—you can see a million things you want just by scrolling through social media—but being a SAVER means being disciplined. If you want to be a SAVER, you need to have the discipline to resist the urge to spend money when you don’t have the money to spend. Another thing that makes a SAVER is sticking to a budget, regardless of all the buying temptations that are constantly in front of us and prioritizing your financial needs.

Every SAVER is Different—That’s Why iSAVE is Different

Here at BHCU, we understand that each SAVER is focused on achieving their personal savings goals—we also understand that each SAVER has a different situation, and because of this, they will save at a different rate. In order to help our SAVERs save how and when they want to, iSAVE is designed with no fees and no minimums.

How Do I Become a SAVER? We’re Glad You Asked!

When you’re ready to get one step closer to becoming a SAVER, open an iSAVE account today! If you want to maximize your saving power, then you’re also going to want to open a bank account online that provides you with high-yield savings.

Ready to start saving money and become a SAVER? Open an iSAVE account at BHCU in Delaware County, PA today! Sign up online, visit one of our locations or contact us for assistance with setting up your account.