Break Up With Your Bank: 4 Advantages of a Credit Union

If your finances have always been in the hands of big banks, then this is the year to turn over a new leaf and get involved with a financial institution that actually cares about you and your needs—it’s time to get involved with a credit union! Big banks are like selfish partners who only care about themselves, whereas credit unions ALWAYS put their members’ needs first. At BHCU, being a member isn’t just about banking—it’s about belonging. Read on to learn four more benefits of joining a credit union like BHCU! 

You’ll Fall in Love with Lower Rates on Loans and Credit Cards

When it comes time for you to apply for an auto loan, mortgage loan or credit card, you’re going to want to find the lowest rate possible, and you’ll almost always find the lowest rates in the market at a credit union. Plus, some credit unions offer a credit card—like BHCU’s iSAVE Credit Card—that isn’t designed to take your money, it’s designed to help you save! With this credit card, you’ll enjoy no balance transfer fees, 1% monthly cash back deposited right into your iSAVE Savings account and no annual fees. Falling head over heels yet? We don’t blame you.

Enjoy a More Laid-Back Approach For Qualification Requirements

Most banking institutions are so picky when it comes to approving people for credit cards and loans, but credit unions are typically more forgiving. For example, if you don’t have a credit history—or you do and it’s low—you’ll have almost no shot qualifying for a credit card or loan with a big bank. However, when you go to a credit union, you can be sure that their heart is in the right place, so they will work with you and do everything they can to help get you approved.

Community Involvement is at the Core

Credit unions don’t just pour their hearts into their members—they also pour their hearts into supporting their community. From awarding grants and scholarships to starting charitable foundations, credit unions are known for playing a positive role in their local community, and typically, their members can get involved too. At BHCU, we love being able to give back to our community, and that is why we founded the BHCU Kids Foundation which focuses on providing resources and support to at-risk youth in Delaware County.

You Can Always Count on Savings Accounts with Higher Rates

If you are looking to improve your financial status in the new year, then you may be interested in opening an savings account, but you’ll improve faster if you open one with a credit union. Credit unions always have higher rates on savings accounts when compared to banking institutions, which means that your money will grow faster when it’s sitting in a credit union savings account. And at BHCU, opening an iSAVE Savings account can help you earn up to 15x higher than the national average savings rate.

Are you ready to finally break up with your bank and join a credit union? Then contact the team at BHCU in Ridley Park and Glen Mills, PA today!