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BHCU’s new high yield savings account is designed to support our members’ long-term savings goals in pursuit of their personal financial independence. “Pay yourself first” is the driving force behind this product, which will help individuals achieve their savings goals. No matter what you are saving for – retirement, a vacation home, or education, BHCU’s iSAVE Savings account will help you get there.

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What it means to be a SAVER

Let’s face it, saving money is no easy task in this spend first world we live in. It’s the discipline to avoid spending when you don’t have the money, making and sticking to a budget, and prioritizing your needs that make you a SAVER. And BHCU respects a SAVER.

The SAVER Expectation

Each SAVER’S focus is to acquire personal savings to reach their saving goals. BHCU’s iSAVE Savings account is intended to meet the needs of every member and understand everyone’s situation is different. Therefore, BHCU believes you should save how you want, when you want based on the general account conditions with no fees and no minimums!


In order to open an iSAVE Savings account, each member in good standing must read and complete the iSAVE Commitment Letter, making you an official member of the iSAVE Club with exclusive access to a FREE iSAVE Checking account and the iSAVE Credit Card.

Rate Rundown

BHCU’s iSAVE Savings account rate is variable but it is not a “teaser rate.” This is a high-yield savings account designed exclusively for BHCU members. In keeping with the intention of being a long-term savings account, each SAVER will earn the highest interest rate if no more than one (1) withdrawal is completed monthly. However, if a SAVER makes more than one (1) withdrawal that account will still receive our highly competitive “Regular Share” interest rate during that month.



Interest Rate-2.75% APY¹
-Interest is compounded daily and credited monthly
Benefits-No fixed term
-No fees, no minimum balance requirement = no problems
-The interest rate may rise
-24/7 account access
-Insured up to $500,000
-Each member can have multiple iSAVE Savings accounts for different goals
Risks-Multiple monthly withdrawals will result in a lower interest rate
-The interest rate may fall
Account conditions²-Requires automatic deposit funding (ACH) each month
-Internal transfers using BHCU Online Banking are not permitted
-Must enroll in online banking and sign up for E-statements
-New money only³
-Must sign an iSAVE Commitment Letter
-Consumer accounts only
-An iSAVE Savings account does not replace a Regular Share account
Deposits-No minimum or maximum opening deposit
-No minimum or maximum monthly deposit
-Monthly deposits (electronic or payroll) can be weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly
Withdrawals-Regular Share rate will be applied for any month in which more than one (1) withdrawal occurs
Eligibility-Exclusive to BHCU members only
-Must be 18 years of age
¹APY is Annual Percentage Yield and is subject to change. APY is effective as of July 1, 2024 for accounts that do not exceed one (1) withdrawal in the month, and meet the account conditions. ²If any of the account conditions are not met for the month, the APY for the month is adjusted to BHCU’s Regular Share APY. Failure to comply with the account conditions may result in account closure. ³New money is money not currently on deposit at BHCU. Federally Insured by NCUA.

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