BHCU provides a full suite of auto loans for all your transportation needs and hobbies. Our fast and easy loan pre-approval process ensures that when you find the perfect car, you have the financing you need.

New & Used Auto Loans

  • Quick and easy pre-approvals
  • Refinance your existing auto loan
  • Great rates on new and used vehicles

Avoid the hassle of purchasing your next car by using our online Preferred Dealership Program.

It’s easy:

  • Find your vehicle at one of our Preferred Dealerships
  • Apply for pre-approval online
  • Receive email pre-approval notification
  • Print out your pre-approval certificate and take it to the Preferred Dealership to purchase your selected vehicle
  • Drive away happy

What’s the perfect Auto Loan for you? Check out our handy Auto Loan calculators:

It’s easy:

  • How much can I afford for a vehicle?
  • Which is the best Auto Loan for me?
  • How much will my monthly payments be?
  • Should I take the rebate or special financing?

Dealing with Car Trouble

Is the stress and constant worry of your car breaking down weighing on you? Check engine light been on for far too long? Are you nervous that you don’t have the funds necessary to buy a new car? All these questions could go away today with a credit union auto loan from BHCU. We offer auto loans with low interest rates, refinancing options, and pre-approvals. BHCU is a trusted auto lender with a wealth of experience. We are Located in Delaware County, PA with locations in Ridley Park and Glen Mills and ready to serve the Greater Philadelphia area.

BHCU is Simplifying the Car Buying Process!

Our preferred dealership program takes the guesswork out of finding your next vehicle. BHCU is prepared to offer a full array of auto loans catered to all your transportation needs and activities. The credit union auto loan process is quick and painless. We are here to break down the ease of the car buying process through BHCU. First, find your car at one of our preferred dealerships. Next, you’ll apply for pre-approval online; our lenders will review your case (quickly and carefully), and you’ll receive an email with a pre-approval notification. You will then simply print the pre-approval certification and drive away with your car. It is as simple as that! BHCU is ready with a plethora of new and used vehicles, one of which just has to meet your needs.

Why Trust BHCU?

You shouldn’t just immediately trust any run of the mill financial institution. Your credit union should be established, trusted, and worthy of your business. We check all those boxes, and since 2009 have provided a year-end member giveback bonus as a reward for member loyalty. Located in Delaware County, PA, BHCU has been a trusted credit union in the area for nearly 70 years. We are not just an auto lender. We also offer a variety of other services our members trust us for. Such as credit cards/accounts, money market accounts, business accounts, and personal accounts. We have also been trusted to provide individuals with not only auto loans, but also mortgages, home equity loans, and more!

Check Out our Auto Loan Calculators!

BHCU has multiple tools ready to help you find what you need. Our auto loan calculators can guide you through a number of questions you may have, such as how much can I afford for a vehicle? Which is the best auto loan for me? How much will my monthly payments be? And should I take the rebate or special financing? These questions help point you in the direction of the right credit union auto loan. You can play around with our auto loan calculator!

Our goal is to find you an auto loan with low-interest rates, a simple process, and deliver an exceptional member experience.


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