BHCU’s iSAVE account rate is variable but it  is not a “teaser rate.”  This is a high-yield savings account designed exclusively for BHCU members. In keeping with the intention of being a long-term savings account, each SAVER will earn the highest interest rate if no more than one (1) withdrawal is completed monthly.  However, if a SAVER makes more than one (1) withdrawal that account will still receive our highly competitive “Regular Share” interest rate during that month.


Interest Rate-1.00% APY¹
-Interest is compounded daily and credited monthly
Benefits-No fixed term
-No fees, no minimum balance requirement = no problems
-Interest rate may rise
-24/7 account access
-Insured up to $500,000
-Each member can have multiple Youth iSAVE accounts
Risks-Multiple monthly withdrawals will result in a lower interest rate
-Interest rate may fall
Account conditions²-New money only³
-When member turns 18 it will automatically roll into an iSAVE Savings account
-Consumer accounts only
-A Youth iSAVE account does not replace a Regular Share account
Deposits-Max opening deposit cannot exceed $5,000
-Monthly deposits cannot exceed $1,000
Withdrawals-Regular Share rate will be applied for any month in which more than one (1) withdrawal occurs
Eligibility-Exclusive to BHCU members only
-Members ages 0-17
¹APY is Annual Percentage Yield and is subject to change after account opening.  APY is effective as of 6/1/2020 for accounts that do not exceed one (1) withdrawal in the month, and meet the account conditions.  ²If any of the account conditions are not met for the month, the APY for the month is adjusted to BHCU’s Regular Share APY.  Monthly deposits exceeding $1,000 will automatically transfer to their Regular Share account.  Failure to comply with the account conditions may result in account closure.  ³New money is money not currently on deposit at BHCU.  Federally Insured by NCUA.