Share Term Certificates

Concerned about the constant fluctuations of the stock market? Certificates of Deposit (CDs), what we also call Share Term Certificates, provide great short- or long-term investment options that are secured up to $500,000 and earn competitive rates.

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Share Term Certificates and IRA Share Term CertificatesRegularJumbo
 $500 - $99,999.99$100,000 and over
3 Months0.200%0.200%0.200%0.200%
8 Months0.250%0.250%0.250%0.250%
14 Months0.449%0.450%0.449%0.450%
26 Months0.549%0.550%0.549%0.550%
38 Months0.648%0.650%0.648%0.650%
50 Months0.748%0.750%0.748%0.750%
62 Months0.947%0.950%0.947%0.950%
74 Months1.046%1.050%1.046%1.050%
86 Months1.046%1.050%1.046%1.050%
98 Months1.046%1.050%1.046%1.050%

Contact a member service representative for further information about applicable fees and terms. For Share Certificates and IRA Share Certificates, a penalty will be imposed for early withdrawal. A.P.Y. is Annual Percentage Yield effective August 17, 2020 and is subject to change.