A’s Get Praise…and Rewards These Days: Here’s How You Can Get Rewarded for Good Grades at BHCU!

Here at BHCU, we respect a lot of things: SAVER’s, Youth SAVER’s and great students! That’s why we designed our Report Card Rewards program, which doesn’t just acknowledge all of your hard work throughout the school year, but it also pays you for all of those hard earned A’s! Sure, getting an A in school may be enough of a reward to you, but we think an A deserves even more. So forget those gold stars and start getting those dollar signs! Read on to learn what our Report Card Rewards is and how you can get rewarded for your A grades. 

Earn Money While You Earn A’s

Thanks to our Report Card Rewards, students can start earning money for all of the A’s that they earn throughout the school year. When students are a part of our Report Card Rewards program, they will earn $5 for every A grade (or equivalent of) they receive, which means that students can potentially earn up to $50 per school year! And because these earnings are deposited into a Youth iSAVE account, our Report Card Rewards program also encourages saving. So if students keep their earnings in this account for a healthy amount of time, they continue to reap the benefits of their hard work long after the days of earning their A’s.

How It Works

Just like taking tests have some easy instructions, so does our Report Card Rewards program. Fortunately, following the criteria for our Report Card Rewards program is way easier than taking a test! Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of who is eligible to earn rewards for A’s:

  • Only BHCU members are eligible for our Report Card Rewards
  • The BHCU member MUST have an active Youth iSAVE account
  • The Youth iSAVE account MUST have a minimum of $50 in it
  • The BHCU member has to be an elementary, middle or high school student
  • A year-end report card or transcript must be submitted by 08/01/2020 in order to verify grades

Once you’ve checked off all of the above criteria, your rewards money will be deposited into the Youth iSAVE account up to 60 days after report card verification — it’s basically as easy as A, B, C; 1, 2, paid!

A Special Gift for the Class of 2020

We know that prom, graduation, and other special moments of Senior year are irreplaceable; the least we could do is offer an extra incentive for the Class of 2020. All qualifying high school seniors will earn an additional $25 Visa Gift Card when they participate in our Report Card Rewards!

If you need help or would like to learn more, contact us today.